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Spreading Hope, Rebuilding Lives


If you have been impacted by an abortion decision, and thought life would return to normal, you are NOT alone.

Many are surprised by the negative emotions that linger weeks, months, even years later:

   • Shame

   • Anger

   • Depression

   • Relationship difficulties

   • Drug or alcohol abuse

   • Avoidance of children or family

At Restore, we offer a safe, confidential environment to let you process your emotions…through one-on-one counseling as well as group sessions where our trained coaches guide you on a path to restoration.

Our desire is to help those impacted by an abortion decision by offering compassion and hope leading to a restored life. We do this by offering a variety of resources to meet you where you are in life.

HOPE is realized when we share our story and talk with someone
who has been where we are; in a safe, confidential environment.

HEALING begins as we learn truth about God and ourselves
and process through grief.

RESTORATION is available from God as we walk in this truth
and seek His help.

The Restore staff and volunteers have received training in abortion recovery facilitating. They do not have degrees in counseling nor are they licensed by the state; therefore, the consultation provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling. A referral for professional services can be given and may be encouraged. The Restore staff has received referrals from professional counselors for specifically helping their clients with trauma after abortion.

Restore, healing after abortion was formerly known as Pure Grace 101 and is a recovery program of Pregnancy Ministries Inc.

Contact us and start rebuilding life now!

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